Saturday, December 29, 2007

Santa Baby


Dear Husband,

There are so many things I've been wanting to write you, but I assumed the plethora of thoughts might overwhelm you.

Did you have a nice Christmas Husband? Mine was fantastic, despite your continuous unavailability. However, I managed to place myself in a happy bubble for almost 24 hours. It was really quite something for the books.

Do you get those letters in your Christmas cards summarizing the sender's year? Do you ever want to write one? I do...well sometimes...but I'm concerned I "can't" because I don't have a "family" and the people receiving it would be a bit puzzled over my self-indulgent novel/Christmas card. Well that's okay I suppose. I can wait.

I do have some exciting news though. My mom and dad said they'd like to take us someplace warm for the holidays one year. Isn't that fab?

For the record, it's not like we talk about You that often. The offer was 85% hypothetical and I just thought you should know so you'd have something to look forward to.

More later, must work on my fitness.