Monday, January 28, 2008

Stupid McSweaty


Dear Husband,

Remember when I thought I saw you and you looked like Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles?

Well I can say with utter confidence that I know now that man is not you.

I was at the gym today and not only did the aforementioned Faux Jake continue to "rock out" to his iPod (see previous letter) he is also That Guy that runs really fast around the indoor track. For a short amount of time. In sequential blasts. Let's not ignore the fact that he also gets all worked up, and huffs and puffs so much that he could potentially blow the house down.

I am so annoyed by him Husband, specifically because I am steady runner, with focus on longevity and distance.

I know I said I'm trying to see the glass half-full in '08, but do you see who I'm working with here?

all my love,

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