Friday, October 12, 2007

Getting To Know You


Dear Husband,

A lot has happened since I last wrote. I accomplished a major athletic achievement and I went on a shopping spree...which some might argue are one in the same, but I beg to differ.

So I've spent this week recovering (in new clothes nonetheless) and drinking. No reason for alarm, but you have to admit that drinking is fun. Let's not be martyrs here Husband.

In regards to the subject of my letter, I went out last night and did not meet you. This has led me to the following (positive) conclusions:

1. You decided to stay home and watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. I couldn't be more proud.
(See past letters explaining the importance of said shows)

2. You don't hang out in dance clubs because you are so good at dancing, you don't want to embarrass the amateurs. Understandable Husband. Completely.

3. You were busy volunteering.

4. You went to bed early because you had to get up for 5 mile run before spending your day working hard. Again, understandable.

In any event, I missed you. Especially amongst the unoriginal-stylisitically-challenged-Button-Down-Shirt Mafia.
Otherwise known as "every-other-guy".

hopefully soon,

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