Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thoughts At Large


Dear Husband,

Do you think anyone likes their job? I mean *really* likes it?

Underneath all the BS about how "it-is-such-a-great opportunity-I'm-learning-so-much-and-I-think-all-this-is-going-to-pay-off-despite-being-cranky-and-stressed-85%-of-the-day" you think people are being truthful to themselves? Or do they just go along with the script they're selling everyone else?

I really don't know, which I guess is why I'm asking you.

I wonder if you like your job. I hope so...they say the average person spends more time at work than with their family.

I'm sorry Husband, I know I'm rambling...I just have a lot on my mind. You see, I think I'm going to be great at something, I can feel it - the talent, the time I've put into work, the passion...I just don't think I've found my place. Kind of like I haven't found you. I really wish you were here to hug me and say it's all going to be okay, but for now - I will just have to put my faith in the fact that the Universe will bring both you, and the proper career, to me.

pondering & loving,

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