Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Do You Floss Husband?


Dear Husband,

What are you doing this afternoon? I am at work. I work at an art museum. It kind of blows, but I am sure when I first meet you, I will pretend to be incredibly passionate about both art and the museum I work at. This will be so that you are not overwhelmed by any displays of intense bitterness too early in our relationship. I won't be trying to fool you or anything, it's just been my experience that men don't like girls who are too bitter. I probably won't really complain about anything until we've been dating for a few months. And I probably won't pick restauarants either. Usually, I can't make decisions about what I want to eat. It's frustrated past boyfriends, but I know you won't mind, because we are meant to be together.

Tonight, I am going out to dinner with my friend Meg. She just got married. Husband, I can't wait until you and I are finally married and we can go out on double-dinner dates with all of my friends in relationships.

Not that I am the last one or anything. I still have some single friends.

And I wear five different face creams every night so that I will still look young when we meet.

Do you floss husband? If you don't you should start. We are going to be married for a long time. You should probably rinse with Listerine too, just in case. And if you haven't tried it, the vanilla flavor is yummy, and I don't even usually like vanilla-flavored things. Haha. I wonder if you will feel the same once you try it.



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