Thursday, September 6, 2007

Plus One

Dear Husband,

I have to RSVP to another wedding. What should I do?

I hate bringing guy-friends as they are typically are bored and would much rather be watching SportsCenter (I don't blame them) than dancing and eating bad wedding food. And if I bring a fellow I'm casually dating...they think that my invitation to said wedding (gasp!) is a hint that we may be the next to walk down the aisle. Let's not flatter ourselves, shall we?

If I *don't* respond with a Plus One, will I be sitting at the kid's table? Will I not get to sit with all my friends who are married or in relationships? We can always wave to each other across the over-decorated, centerpiece saturated, jordan-almond invaded tables...but really, it's not the same.

I still have one more day to respond. Maybe I'll run into you tonight.


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