Friday, September 28, 2007

The Way You Call Me Baby


Dear Husband,

Have you seen those new Old Navy commercials? I know, I'm sort of "eh" about Old Navy too - their clothes are cheap and fall apart in the washer.

But I digress...

so...said commercials feature Cute Girl in her new Old Navy sweater, while Loving Boyfriend drinks his coffee and gazes at her, obviously contemplating her amazingness. Que magical-romantic-chic-song and it is practically the dreamiest scenario ever.

Can we play autumn dress-up too when we meet Husband? I don't ask for much, but I can't wait to be with someone I love during my favorite season. Well, any season really.

Pumpkin lattes and sweaters in the fall, snowball fights and tree decorating during the holidays, (getaway trip to some fantastic island in the dead of winter), farmer's markets in spring, and barbeques and fireworks in summer.

Here's to future traditions.

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